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Entrepreneurship plan competition accomplishments more than 300 team entrepreneurial dream

Entrepreneurship plan competition accomplishments more than 300 team entrepreneurial dream
——Written at the end of the 2008 China Science and technology entrepreneurship plan competition is coming to an end.

Tomorrow, the 2008 China Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Program Competition will hold a grand summing-up and commendation meeting in Ningbo National High-tech Zone Entrepreneurship Building to award the winners.
This year's Entrepreneurship Program competition, a total of 1152 entrepreneurship teams came to register, including 115 overseas students entrepreneurship team. Through the entrepreneurship competition, a number of teams will put the entrepreneurial plan into practice to realize their entrepreneurial dream.
According to incomplete statistics, from the first science and technology entrepreneurship plan competition in 2002 to the sixth competition last year, 4805 entrepreneurship teams signed up for the competition and nearly 400 entrepreneurship projects won. Of these entries, 303 entrepreneurship projects were put into practice, including 159 entrepreneurship projects in Ningbo, registered capital exceeded 562 million yuan.
It is the technology entrepreneurship plan competition that has made these entrepreneurs' entrepreneurial dreams come true.
After the competition counselling, the business plan has become a practical treasure.
The science and technology entrepreneurship plan competition is to deepen the practice of the Party Central Committee and the State Council to strengthen independent innovation and build an innovative national development strategy, create a good environment for technological innovation and technology entrepreneurship. Since 2002, it has been jointly organized by the Torch High-tech Industry Development Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the National Science and Technology Risk Development Business Center and the Ningbo Municipal Government. The annual competition held. The competition was co-sponsored by the venture capital committee of the China Association for the Promotion of Science and Technology, the venture capital committee of the China Association for the Development of High-tech Industrial Zones, and the China Post-doctoral Science Foundation. More than ten incubators in China supported the competition. At the same time, experts from well-known venture capital institutions were organized to provide high-level entrepreneurs. Training and counselling to conduct a comprehensive review of the business plan submitted by the participants.
The process of coaching entrepreneurs in each competition is to know how entrepreneurs start their own businesses. How to turn the entrepreneurs'good results or ideas into operational business plans is reflected in this constantly revised business plan. Let's see how this year's competition helps the participants to write the business plan.
In order to facilitate participants from all over the world to participate in the training, the first round of the competition, starting from June 15, uses online video-on-demand form to teach domestic venture capital experts such as Allianz Investment, Handing Asia-Pacific and so on how to write business plans. In the eyes of venture capitalists, business plans, how entrepreneurs conduct market research, equity pricing in the financing of innovative enterprises, financing strategies and practices of enterprises are made into videos, audio recordings and slides, which are placed on the website of Ningbo Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Center, notifying the participating teams one by one to watch on-demand through the Internet at any time. (previous sessions were focused on face-to-face training for contestants). At the same time, the National Risk Cause Development Center also organized dozens of experts from 16 well-known wind speculation institutions in the past two months, to the cities with more participants to participate in the competition team for on-site training. The organic combination of on-line training and on-site training enables the participating teams to fully understand the requirements and contents of the preparation of the business plan, and lays a solid foundation for the participants to write a good plan. The finalists are examined by experts one by one, and the existing problems are analyzed, and suggestions for modification are put forward. Under the guidance of experts, many entrepreneurs have changed from outsiders to Masters in writing international business plans. They have to face a series of problems, such as business model, management team, market development and capital utilization, from initial vagueness to gradual clarity, and finally through their own in-depth adjustment. Check thinking, put forward a perfect solution, so that the entrepreneurs in the entrepreneurship quality in the course of the competition has steadily improved, entrepreneurship plan also has a strong operability, for the future entrepreneurship practice has laid a solid foundation.
Venture capital companies and private capital are directly involved.
The entrepreneurs'entrepreneurship plans are prepared by the experts of venture capital, venture capital and other institutions, so they have a deeper understanding of the entrepreneurship from the beginning. In the process of coaching, venture capitalists have a good understanding of the core members of the team's ability, aspirations and other aspects, of which the outstanding projects and teams will not miss. In addition to the full guidance of venture capitalists, the project review panel is also composed of experts from well-known domestic venture capital companies, which not only makes the competition highly professional, but also creates more opportunities for the entries to get the attention of venture capital.
At the same time, the organizing committee also invited a large number of well-known domestic venture capital institutions and private enterprises in Ningbo to participate in the project awarding and promotion phase. Because some entrepreneurship projects have high technology content, good innovation and independent intellectual property rights, they are favored by venture capital. Since the first competition, there have been venture capital companies or private capital to sign investment and financing agreements with the participating teams in each competition awards, making these entrepreneurs full of entrepreneurial spirit. And the entrants in the venture after a period of time, by venture capital companies or private capital to give investment is not a minority.
According to incomplete statistics, the first six entrepreneurship competitions won more than 100 million yuan of investment from investment institutions or private capital. For example, in the project "Semiconductor Lighting Control System Based on Zigbee" which won the best prize in the 2006 competition, a wireless control system for the color and brightness of semiconductor lighting was developed by using the color controllable characteristics of semiconductor lighting, so that a light can be changed at will without changing the lighting fixture. For color and brightness, you can also customize the lighting scene control on the Internet. The project signed a financing agreement with a Vc firm on the spot. At the same time, the venture capital companies signed financing agreements with the "modern city management wireless monitoring network construction", "cross-organizational authorized collaborative information system" and "Tongfu Tiandi-local consumption guide platform". The total financing of four projects reached 14 million yuan, three of which were entries in Ningbo venture enterprises. Eyes. For example, Ningbo Hi-tech Zone Jinbang Automobile Electronics Co., Ltd. participated in the two entrepreneurship plan competitions with the project of "gas engine control system" and "intelligent anti-glare rear-view system", and won the new talent award and the new seedling award respectively. The entries have been transformed into products and sold to Shandong, Chongqing, Chengdu, Thailand, India and other Asian countries. The good operation of enterprises has enabled them to obtain financing of 5 million yuan from a private investment company, and the amount of financing has been fully in place.
The once unknown person is now full of pride.
Many of the participating teams in the science and technology entrepreneurship contest were nobody at first, and some were even penniless. But after starting their own business with the original business plan, although most of them have experienced hardships, after several years of development and expansion, they have become complacent.
Zhang Feng, who graduated from the advertising department of Ningbo University in 2001, together with his team's partners, founded Lingke Network Communication Service Company in February 2003. In just six years, the small company with a registered capital of only 100,000 yuan was built into a company with an annual income of more than 30 million yuan and more than 180 employees. Letters and Internet companies. The company has participated in many entrepreneurship planning competitions, and won awards for the "SMS Platform" in 2003, the "City Business Link" in 2004 and the "China Receiver Network" in 2007. For example, the official website will focus on building a new generation of Internet consulting storage sites. Although still in its infancy, it has been rated as the top 100 most valuable investment websites in China in 2007.
Ningbo Qizhi Technology Co., Ltd., founded by overseas returned students and senior executives of Fortune 500 companies, is committed to the research, development, production and sales of incremental optical diffusion film for TFT-LCD display. Incremental optical diffusion film project was awarded the first prize in the entrepreneurship plan competition this year. The project breaks the present situation that the world LCD optical film market is monopolized by Japanese, American and Korean companies. It is the only Chinese enterprise with independent intellectual property rights in the optical film R&D center and production base. A well-known investment company recently agreed to invest $10 million in this year and next to five times the current capacity of optical thin films in Chichi Technologies, with an initial investment of $1.5 million in September.
Lu Kang who developed digital companion "big mouth plate", Bao Haiming who developed "circulating water flushing ecological toilet", Yang Yu who led the development of "remote active RFID intelligent vehicle management system"... These entrepreneurs may not understand them, but they are already well-known in the industry. Many start-ups are still small, but they are a new force in Ningbo to develop high-tech industries and promote independent innovation. Who can say that they will not copy the miracle of Alibaba?