About us

Infancy stage: 2007-2009

In March, 2007, Dr. Zhang Yan and his team founded Ningbo Exciton New Material Technology Co.,Ltd. (later known as Ningbo Exciton Technology Co.,Ltd.), focusing on the development of optical films and special films. In 2008, the first optical coating production line in China was set up and the films began production after consumer testing. This broke new ground in the home-manufacturing of optical films.

Rapid growth: 2009-2012

In 2009 Exciton Technology was rated as a high-tech enterprise at the national level, and entered Lingyun Industrial Park of Ningbo National High-tech Industrial Development Zone, with its production lines increased to seven. The total turnover of 2012 exceeded 200 million yuan (US$29 million). As the Company grew rapidly, we purchased land as factory sites to scale up production.

High-speed development: 2012 - 2016

In its joint-stock reform in 2013, the Company set up two wholly-owned subsidiaries, i.e. Ningbo Jiangbei Exciton New Material Technology Co.,Ltd. and Xiangshan Exciton New Material Technology Co., Ltd. With the setup of a national-level postdoctoral research workstation and the Company’s own research institute of key enterprises in Zhejiang Province, new progress was made in the research and development of optical film products. For example, the brightness enhancement film as the hit product of the Company began production in this period. As the Company enriched its product structure, its core competitiveness was significantly improved.

A new journey with new opportunities: 2016-2018

n November 2016, Exciton Technology was successfully listed on GEM(stock code:300566), gaining access to the capital market. For the Company, this was a historic opportunity for development. In 2017, we mapped out the development strategy of “One Axis, One Belt & One Core”, which falls into three parts. First, with the photoelectric industry as the axis, to be at the cutting edge of technology and integrate the industry’s upstream and downstream resources for production. Second, build an industrial belt of functional films and offer optical film products for a multitude of industries and applications. Third, set up a sound technical platform with precision coating technology as the core.


Strengthening the axis and expanding the belt; Improving life with leading technology.