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Set up a platform for realizing dreams

"I choose to start a business here because of the good entrepreneurial atmosphere, good policy environment, fast and convenient, coupled with beautiful natural environment, tolerant entrepreneurial culture and thoughtful service. In addition to promulgating preferential policies, they also take the initiative to communicate and contact with enterprises to help enterprises solve practical difficulties. LU Hong, general manager of the three and Digital Electronics Co., said with deep feeling.
Lu Kang graduated from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Shanghai Jiaotong University in 1993. In 2000, Lu Kang, who had seven years of rich working experience, was not satisfied with his achievements, but decided to go to Canada to study business management. After learning to return, Lu Kang decided to repay society with his own learning.
In December 2002, after more than a year of investigation, Lukang decided to set up his company in Ningbo Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Center with comfortable environment, convenient transportation and perfect hardware facilities. At the same time, after more than a year of intensive research and development, "Big Mouth Disk" product has finally come out - a palm-sized digital memory card, but the capacity is as high as 250G, exports also sold a good price of $3,400 each. Today, Ningbo Sanhe Digital Electronics Co., Ltd. has a small reputation in the European and American industry, its research and development, production of "big mouth disk" digital memory card exported to the United States, Australia, the Netherlands, Singapore and other countries and regions.
Ningbo Exciton Technology Co., Ltd which aims to become the world's largest film supplier in the optoelectronic industry, was founded in 2007 by returnee Jin Yadong and Zhang Yan. Soon after its founding, the company was favored by a large international private equity fund and successfully received $10 million in investment, mainly for the expansion of the existing TFT-LCD optical thin film production line. Two years later, the company's optical thin film production capacity will be 5 times larger than the existing capacity.
In the pioneer park, there are many enterprises like this, in which the majority of enterprises are independent research and development products. The returnees make use of the advanced ideas they have accepted abroad to provide a good example and reference for exploring the road of independent innovation.