Brand Culture

The fourth "make progress every day" knowledge competition was held.

In the evening of April 4th, the fourth "make progress every day" knowledge competition was held up. More than 600 employees gathered in the hi-tech park, wandering in the ocean of knowledge.
Zhang Yan, chairman of Chi Chi technology, attended and presented the corporate culture course entitled "staff dream, dream of intelligence and Chinese dream". "Corporate culture refers to the same behaviors, manners, and ways of thinking that people of different backgrounds form in an enterprise." Zhang Yan introduced it. Later, he made specific remarks about the mission, vision, values, leadership and learning ability, social responsibility and so on. The mission of intelligence is to improve human life by leading technology and products. At present, we are gradually improving the life of the intelligent Homo sapiens. We hope that every family member in Chi Chi can be happy and happy. We play the grain together and share the bonus together. " Zhang Yan's sharing made the meeting ring with applause.
The knowledge competition is divided into audience interaction, answer questions, answer questions and risk questions. The content covers the basic knowledge of employee manual, enterprise culture, safety knowledge, 6S, financial knowledge, technology and product, quality knowledge and so on.
At the scene, the computer selected 18 contestants, with three people as a group, composed of six teams. "What is the security slogan of our company?" "What are the three principles of rectifying?" What is the "three-character" principle in daily management? In each of the answer links, the players are actively involved, with excellent performance and accurate answers to refresh the score of the competition once and again, to the title of a fierce competition.
The scene also sounded upsurge and cheering from time to time. Because the players are well prepared, they can answer some questions fluently, even before the host has finished reading the questions, they rush to get the correct answers.
And the audience did not "idle", one after another rubbing hands, eager to try. Yang Dengzhong, who was recruited in July last year, raised his hand several times to answer the question. After winning three "trophies", Yang Dengzhong happily shared, "when you have time, you will learn from your questions. The company's corporate culture is very good, and we also benefit a lot. "
It is reported that Chi Chi technology has held a knowledge competition for four years in a continuous period. In the way of education and recreation, it effectively strengthens the staff's knowledge of enterprise culture, safety, products and other knowledge, creates a good learning atmosphere, and further strengthens the initiative and enthusiasm of employees to understand enterprises and participate in the establishment of enterprise culture. People are vigorous and positive.