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The third fun sports meet was held

Sports ignite passion, hard to achieve the dream. On the morning of May 5, although the shower is continuous, it can't stop the spirit of kinsman who compete with each other, who give me, the 3rd exciting science and technology sports meeting is hot, the nearly 400 kinsman who are led by four teams, such as extraordinary team of jiangbei, xiangshan vanguard team, ningbo condor team, ningbo passion team.
The games featured four team events, including tug of war, 4* 100m relay, rope skipping and egg support, as well as eight individual events, including tiger's mouth escape, ice cold summer, crossing fire line, Hawaiian customs, Slam Dunk master, big foot, 100-win and two-man interaction.
Accompanied by a marching song of the athletes, the four teams marched in successively with vigorous steps, showing a high demeanor, and also officially kicked off the sports meeting.
"Come on, come on," in the arena of tug of war, is a "force out mountain, xi qi geshi" contest.

"One, two..." The big rope jumping tests tacit understanding and cooperation. Every jump won the cheers of the crowd.
As a traditional summer festival competition, the egg race became the most popular competition of the day. The contestants took out the prepared eggs one by one and dueled each other. Every sound of a clear click caused a cheer. After a round of PK, eventually produced the "egg king".

Then, it was a personal race. Each of the 400 employees receives a park card and a seal of approval is awarded for winning the competition.
Each competition project lets the valiant heroic posture freeze, the face which one does not admit defeat will precipitate as a kind of spirit which dare to strive for the first place. The success of the fun games has enriched the amateur cultural life of the staff and workers, promoted the people to strengthen their physique and refresh their spirit, stimulated the fighting spirit of "faster, higher and stronger", and has reserved the spiritual power for accelerating the development of intelligence and promoted the cohesiveness of the enterprise.
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