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China Science and technology entrepreneurship competition awards in the morning

This morning, the awarding ceremony of the 2008 China Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Program Competition was held in Ningbo Entrepreneurship Building in the National High-tech Zone. "TFT-LCD Optical Diffusion Diaphragm" entrepreneurship project won the best prize, "Linear Optical Fiber Differential Temperature Fire Monitoring and Alarm System" and other five entrepreneurship projects won outstanding awards, "Fengnian Fishing Gear Mall" and other 10 entrepreneurship projects won the Rookie Award, "Polar and Solar Assisted Integrated Air Conditioning Water Heater" and other 50 entrepreneurship projects. Won the new seedling award. These award winning projects were awarded 100 thousand yuan, 30 thousand yuan, 10 thousand yuan and 3000 yuan respectively.
Since 2002, Ningbo Municipal Government, Torch High-tech Industrial Development Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology and National Science and Technology Risk Development Center have jointly held the annual Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Plan Competition. Beginning from this competition, "China Ningbo Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Plan Competition" officially renamed as "China Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Plan Competition", Ningbo became a permanent award place.
A total of 1152 entrepreneurship teams from Britain, the United States, Australia, Germany and France participated in the event. More than 90% of the participating teams had bachelor's degree or above. Among them, 121 were led by Ph. D. and 115 were entrepreneurship teams of overseas students.
"After seven years of elaborate construction, the competition has become a project and capital, entrepreneurs and investors exchange event, attracted a large number of venture capital institutions at home and abroad attention and intervention, for technology and capital docking bridged." The organizers of the organizing committee said. According to incomplete statistics, there have been 303 successful entrepreneurship projects in the first six competitions, including 159 entrepreneurship projects in Ningbo, with registered capital exceeding 562 million yuan.
According to the introduction, the project "Gas Engine Control System" won the 2005 Star Prize, the entrepreneurial team has now set up Ningbo Hi-tech Zone Jinbang Automobile Electronics Co., Ltd. Products have been sold to Shandong, Chongqing, Chengdu, Thailand, India and other countries. At the same time, the company also received financial support from the municipal software fund and successfully raised 5 million yuan.
The project of "TFT-LCD optical diffusion diaphragm for TFT-LCD" led by Dr. Kim Yadong, a Belgian returnee who won the best prize in the entrepreneurship competition this morning, has broken the current situation that the world LCD optical film market is monopolized by Japanese, American and Korean companies. The team has now established the Ningbo Hi-tech Zone Ningbo Exciton Technology Co., Ltd The products have passed the technical certification of major panel factories at home and abroad, including Shanghai Radio and Television - NEC, Shanghai Tianma, Japan Ship Well Corporation and so on. At the same time, the project has also attracted $10 million in venture capital. It is planned to build an optical precision coating line with a capacity of 20 million m2 this year and next year, and become a leading optical film research and development center and production base.