Brand Culture

Exciton Technology was selected as the "three" pilot enterprise in Ningbo.

Recently, good news came from Ningbo Economic and Information Committee, Ningbo Exciton Technology Co., Ltd was listed as the third batch of municipal "three" cultivation pilot enterprises. It is reported that a total of 25 enterprises were included in the batch list.
What is the three place? The "three place" is the abbreviation of well-known enterprises, famous brands and famous entrepreneurs. The "three-name" project is an important project for our city to improve the competitiveness of enterprises, enhance brand awareness and entrepreneurs'influence, give full play to the "three-name" demonstration and lead role, promote the city's economic innovation drive, transformation and development.
Focusing on the cultivation of famous enterprises, we should promote the cultivation of "trinity" among famous enterprises, famous products and famous experts so as to promote the transformation of our city from an industrial market to a strong industrial market and a manufacturing market to a strong intellectual and brand market.
In order to win the title of "three", enterprises must have outstanding performance in sales revenue, market influence, consumer satisfaction, comprehensive competitiveness and so on, which is not easy. Ningbo Exciton Technology Co., Ltd will seize this opportunity, vigorously expand the enterprise scale, strive to enhance the brand value, strengthen the talent echelon construction, achieve the "three" integration and mutual promotion, benign development for the city's economic and social development. For strong support.