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Exciton technology "rock solid plan" training class begins

To the governance of the world in the talent, the talent of the world in education. On the morning of April 20, the "rock plan" talent team class was officially opened. The first batch of 42 students from all departments of the company attended the opening ceremony. President of IP technology zhang yan, senior vice general manager tang haijiang and other leaders attended the ceremony and spoke.

"Rock Project" training course is an important step for exciton technology to implement the talent reserve project. In order to coordinate with the rapid growth of the company's business, it is necessary to reserve middle-level management echelon talents, improve the core competitiveness and independent innovation ability of enterprises, and train and cultivate a sufficient number of qualified personnel with reasonable structure and excellent quality. To provide strong intellectual support and talent protection for the company's development.
"As a generals, courage is better than wisdom. Wisdom is better than learning." Zhang Yan quoted the allusion of general talent recommended by Zhao Shui, the Minister of the State of Jin in the Spring and Autumn Period, and pointed out the importance of extensive knowledge. Zhang Yan expressed the hope that the students will implement the "empty cup spirit" under the influence of intellectual enterprise culture, learn more knowledge, master more skills, constantly improve their own quality, and make greater contributions to intellectual stimulation, Ningbo and the country.
Panlong Team, Jinshi Team, Beyond Team, Fire Fighter Team, Bubble Team... On the opening ceremony, the students were full of passion and high morale. 42 students were divided into five groups. Under the leadership of the captains of each group, they took team names, slogans, drew team logos and made a commitment to study. "Beyond the self, the pursuit of excellence", "good study, day to day upward", "burning the passion for learning", "mission must be achieved"... every group members are gathered together, ignite the enthusiasm for learning.

Under the joint recommendation of the members of each group, the election of the monitor and the study committee was conducted, and the class tutor was appointed.
"The training class is just like the quantum dots we are producing. Through the carrier of learning, we can make our life more colorful. Today's opening ceremony has stimulated everyone's enthusiasm for learning, and I hope you can keep it. Tang Haijiang stressed that he also shared the words of an 83-year-old soldier to inspire the participants, "Passion and enthusiasm are the embodiment of a person's high sense of responsibility, a person without passion and enthusiasm will be difficult to succeed."

The "Rock Project" training course will last nine months, through a series of courses to improve the students'project management ability, team management ability, leadership, teamwork and problem insight, analysis and solution capabilities. "This is our first training course, which puts forward specific requirements for students' learning. In the future, we will conduct more series training to train more intelligent talents. " "exciton technologyhas set up a complete training system, including new induction courses, management courses, training institutes and encouragement for further education, so that employees can have a broad space for development," said Yu Ying, director of human resources at exciton technology and head of the "Rock Project" training class.